TracManager Keeps You Connected

No matter what you’re tracking, the TracManager GPS tracking systems keep it simple and accurate.


TracManager trackers require only minimal installation. You simply wire your small, lightweight and portable tracker in whatever you want to track and you’re ready to go. There is no IT support required, no software or server to install or update, and no ongoing maintenance. It’s a simple charge-and-track solution.

Better Technology

TracManager relies on patented technologies to achieve GPS sensitivity that goes above and beyond what other GPS trackers on the market can deliver. Through urban canyons, large overpasses and even building interiors notorious for losing signals, TracManager maintains a reliable connection and keeps transmitting the data you need.

Accessible from Anywhere

TracManager is a cloud-based solution, giving you the convenience of accessing real-time data from any Internet-connected computer, smartphone or tablet. The Monitoring Dashboard lets you track all of your devices through a private, secure interface.

Mobile Apps

TracManager offers Mobile Applications specifically designed for your smartphone and tablet to give you a seamless tracking experience on any device.

Feature Rich

TracManager offers the key features and benefits required by those tracking fleets of all sizes. Our standard tracker connects right to your vehicle's battery through the fuse box or cigarette lighter port. And on our other longer battery life portable tracker you will get 4-9 days of use without recharging.

Robust Reporting

Select from a variety of data with no limits on how far back in history you can go.
Travel History
Fuel consumption
Driving time

Customized Alerts

Stay informed by having customized real-time alerts related to speed, movement, geofences, points of interest, and more delivered to you through email.

Cost Competitive

TracManager tracking solutions are designed to fit comfortably within your budget, providing cost advantages over other solutions on the market today.


Trackers can be moved from one tracking target to another, as your needs and priorities change.